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Everything but the Stork is for parents who are looking for sensible, practical advice on how to raise calm babies and happy children.

Our mission is to create a foundation for contented households through a variety of packages that are available, ranging from just two hours through to a whole week!

E jayne@ebts.co.nz
P 02102 872 382

Everything But The Stork is for parents who are looking for sensible, practical advice on how to raise calm babies and happy children. We aim to provide support for all parents, whether they be new to parenthood or simply in need of guidance. The support we offer is the perfect complement to the midwife visits following the birth of your baby. Our aim is to create a foundation for contented households by introducing the tools and techniques necessary for parents to nurture their children. We believe in a holistic approach that is continually evolving. No one can ever possess all the answers and there will always be surprises. We love the challenge and look forward to working with you to resolve them. About Jayne Jayne Eddington has worked exclusively with babies and children for the past 18 years. As a ten year old if she couldn't be found at home. She would always be found at a neighbour’s house helping out with the young children or bringing the washing in off the line to help a new mum. She was born and bred in the Waikato, New Zealand as the go to girl for babysitting, then nannying. Her interest in travel and seeing what life had to offer outside her small hometown is what saw her board a plane to London in 1995. She left NZ with £200 in her pocket, some excellent references, and an attitude of "I'll land on my feet". Gail Aspland-Robinson (Childhood Nannies, London) softened that landing and Jayne worked with Gail for almost five years, both through her agency and for her personally looking after her three children. Jayne has often been referred to as Nanny 911, Super Nanny, or The Baby Whisperer - but she prefers Baby Listener. As her reputation grew, she was head hunted by many families, including a stint with an actress and more recently, a supermodel. However, the pull of New Zealand, her family and a desire to create a business working with Kiwi families meant a return home in 2010. Jayne has a holistic approach to baby care which has grown from years of listening, and responding to, the individual needs of the infants and children in her care. She encourages an instinctive, gentle and flexible routine that works for the whole family. She works with the baby's natural rhythm to establish patterns that have proven to assure that babies sleep through the night from a young age. SERVICES: $250 In anticipation: A 2 hour in home consultation. Email copy of comprehensive “baby items list” prior to visit. Full written report on what is discussed. Follow up call (up to 1/2 an hour) or email. This is a pre-baby consultation. This package allows for a full discussion of baby equipment and your needs. It can cover nursery equipment and set up, safety, newborn concerns and what to expect when you get home. $600 Day package: 6 hours in your home. Full written report and follow up call (up to 45 minutes) This package is to establish any issues and discuss concerns. It offers solutions and tools for alternative ways of dealing with the current situation. Help to set goals and begin to establish good patterns. If you are struggling, having problems with your baby or toddler, or just feel that things are not as easy as they could be. Then this is the package for you. $1000/1500 Welcome home package: 24/48 hours. Take the stress out of returning home from hospital. This package will help you to settle into home life with your new addition. Included is the night time feed/settling. Demonstrations on how to use equipment and establish good practices. Discuss any concerns and offer effective techniques that work. Create goals and establish good patterns for future routine implementation. $600 Coffee group package: 2 x 2 hour sessions. This package is for small groups of people wanting all of the information, and also wanting to keep the costs down. Grab a few of your friends and make a date. (You can also request topics to be covered). Session 1 = Covers the early days. Winding, settling, feeding, sleeping, plus normal and expected patterns for the newborn. question & answers for these and other issues. Session 2 = Covers weaning onto solids, development, sleeping among other things. $2500 5 day package: 5 x 9 hours This package is to work intensively with you to establish the foundations of a routine, and to cover any issues and concerns you may have. It is to walk you through how to implement what is needed to create the balance you are looking for. price on application Bite size lectures: In office or at home lunchtime sessions to cover the basics of a specific topic. Examples include: the newborn, weaning, sleeping issues, how to set up structure, and how the partners can help. (Also, any subject that is of interest to the group) Courses: Working alongside independent midwives (before/after ante-natal class) explaining all things newborn. What to do when you get home, how to bath, prepare feeds, useful tips, settling and practical solutions to common but avoidable issues. * Returning customers = 10% discount * Gift vouchers available. The perfect gift for new parents. Contact info@ebts.co.nz 02102 872 382